KSU Lecture in Saudi Arabia

Jon Carberry, an Advanced Manufacturing Specialist who works for BAE Systems in the UK, came to Riyadh to deliver the talk as part of an ongoing programme supported by BAE Systems Saudi Arabia to aid in the transfer of technology and best practice in the Kingdom. The lecture covered four main topics, spanning: “super plastic forming and diffusion bonding”, “composites”, “machining” and “advanced manufacturing trends. ”

The talk, which was organised by Richard Woodburn, BAE Systems’ Head of Salam and Weapon Systems Engineering, attracted a large audience of students and faculty members, as well as the Vice Dean of the College of Engineering who was very appreciative of the valuable contribution of BAE Systems to the Engineering Facility.

The session gave attendees the opportunity to learn more about how BAE Systems apply advanced manufacturing practices are embedded in the aircraft production techniques and the chance to pose questions and gain a deeper understanding of the topics discussed.

Commenting on the recent talk, Khalid Al Dughayem, Vice President – Engineering, said: “As a company we are committed to supporting the transfer of knowledge and technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This lecture is another demonstration of our ambition to share world-class knowledge and best practice with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its young people.”