Andy Carr

Andy Carr had a distinguished career in BAE Systems holding a number of senior management positions; his last position was as the Managing Director of BAE Systems in Oman. He also has firm relationships with the company’s clients and contractors in Saudi Arabia.
Andy Carr expressed his pleasure in returning to work in KSA saying: “Saudi Arabia has a very special place in my heart. I had the pleasure of working there for several years, and I have business relationships and friendships with a lot of my Saudi colleagues.”
In addition, he emphasised the global position of the Saudi Arabian market in his statement saying, “Saudi Arabia is one of the most important markets for BAE Systems, and one of the wealthiest countries in both human and financial resourses. The Kingdom has a strong and solid economy that will see it become the number one destination for job seekers and financial investors.”
He added, “I will do my best to serve the company’s clients in the kingdom, and ensure that we provide the proper support for them. We will work hard on further developing collaboration and training to allow the continuation of the transfer of technology and expertise.”