Joint Pensioners Committee (JPC)

The JPC represents all pensioners of the BAE Systems Pension Scheme and the Royal Ordnance Pension Scheme (ROPS). Pensioner Representatives who sit on the JPC play an important role in the consultative process between the Company, the Trustees and the membership. The JPC examines and presents the views of pensioners on matters of general pensions interest or concern for those in receipt of a pension from these schemes.
Pensioner Representatives sitting on the JPC are normally elected for a four-year term of office. A two yearly rotational process means that the JPC can maintain the experience of Pensioner Representatives.
Pensioner Representatives are elected by a direct ballot of the Schemes’ members in their local constituency. The BAE Systems Pension Scheme has three voting constituencies: North, South East and South West and ROPS has two voting constituencies: North and South.
Pensioner Trustees for the BAE Systems Pension Scheme are currently selected by the Pensioner Representatives on the JPC. In order for a pensioner to be considered to be a Pension Member Nominated Trustee for that Scheme, he or she must first become a Pensioner Representative on the JPC.  The ROPS seeks nominations for its Pension Member Nominated Trustee direct from its pensioner members.

Pensioner Associations 

A number of pensioner associations have been set up by ex-employees, who regularly get together to organise social events and outings which are separate from the JPC. Some of these groups are more formally constituted than others. All groups and associations listed welcome new members, so why not contact them and join in.

Royal Ordnance Pensioners Network 

The Pensioners Network was created in 1995 to provide a communication channel between ROPS Pensioners and Group Pensions.
The Pensioner Networkers are local contacts for members who have retired and are receiving a pension from the ROPS.

Forms and downloads

Pensioner Representatives Map 

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Local Pensioner Associations

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