I am joining the Company

Joining the BAE Systems Pension Scheme - DC Retirement Plan as part of the Company joining process
As part of joining the Company you will be automatically entered into the BAE Systems Pension Scheme - DC Retirement Plan (‘the Plan’). You do not need to take any action.

You will receive a joining pack and further information direct from the Plan Administrator soon after joining. 'Your guide to the BAE Systems DC Retirement Plan' provides you with details of the Plan benefits. You could also have a look at the dedicated Standard Life BAE Systems Plan website for more information.

Opting Out 

Whilst we hope you will remain a member of the Plan, you will have the option not to join as part of the Company joining process. The Company still has to enrol you into the Plan if you meet certain criteria when you are assessed under the Automatic Enrolment legislation. If you wish to opt out of the Plan once you are enrolled, you can do so by completing the ‘Automatic Enrolment Opt Out form’ within a month of being notified that you have been automatically enrolled. If this completed form is not received within a month, you may still opt out of the Plan but a different process is followed (please refer to the FAQ document on this page for more information).


If you decide to opt out of the Plan, you should be aware that it is a legal requirement that anyone who opts out or stops making payments will be automatically enrolled back into the Plan at a later date. This is because your circumstances may have changed and it may be the right time for you to start saving. We will contact you when this happens, and you can opt out if it is still not right for you. The next re-enrolment date will be in 2022.