MyPension User Guide

In service members
MyPension User Guide - In service members

What you can do on MyPension

The features available to you will be explained in your introductory letter, which will be sent to your home address. The features that may be available to you include:
  • Benefit modeller
  • Instant pension benefit quotations
  • Copies of annual benefits statements
  • Access to personal information
  • Useful information and links
Before using the 'Instant Pension Benefit Quotations' please refer to the section 'Viewing the Estimate Results' in the User Guide below
Due to pension rule complexities any pension estimates provided are indicative and, if you are making important decisions such as considering early retirement, you should not rely on this information. Instead please confirm the details with the Pensions Service Centre.

Accessing MyPension

You will need your National Insurance Number and Date of Birth to register. You will also need your Member Number, registration code and unique code. The website URL, your Member Number, registration code and unique code will be sent to you in the letter notifying you when you have access to the new website.
Please follow the instructions on the new website to register and log in.
The User Guide below is available to help you with using the new website. We would suggest that you read this before logging on. However, if you do have any problems logging on or are an existing member who has not registered for MyPension then please ring 0371 384 2682, or +44 121 415 0816 if calling from overseas.