Not only can you pay a lump sum Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) at any time from your salary, you can also pay a lump sum AVC from your annual bonus each year. For most your bonus will be paid in March or early April i.e. on or before the end of the tax year - 5 April 2023. You can make an application to do this during the application window 11 November 2022 to 3 February 2023. How you go about requesting to pay a lump sum AVC from your bonus depends on which BAE Systems pension scheme you are in. If you are unsure which scheme you are in, you can log onto the BAE Systems HR system Success Factors to find out (go to ‘My Employee File/Employment Information/Compensation Information’).

Defined Contribution members – BAE Systems Retirement Savings Plan 

If you are a Defined Contribution member of the Mercer Master Trust – BAE Systems Retirement Savings Plan (‘the BAESRSP’), you can submit your application via the Employee Service Centre Portal (search ‘Paying annual bonus into the MMT BAESRSP’). To access the portal you can only do this if you are logged on and using a BAE Systems device, on a BAE Systems network. If you do not have access to the Employee Service Centre portal, please call 0208 068 2868 to help progress your request. 
If you are an MBDA employee and a member of the MBDA Retirement Savings Plan, you should make your request via the Launchpad benefits portal. If you are an RBSL employee and a member of the RBSL Retirement Savings Plan, please contact for more information.  

Defined Benefit members – the BAE Systems Pension Scheme and Royal Ordnance Pension Scheme

If you are a Defined Benefit member of either the BAE Systems Pension Scheme or Royal Ordnance Pension Scheme and are interested in exercising this option you will need to complete an ‘Application to pay lump sum AVC’ form, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Please ensure that you download the correct form for your section of the Scheme. Within the forms you will find full instructions for their completion and return. This includes the process to be followed if you do not have access to a printer or scanner. Before deciding whether you wish to make a lump sum AVC please ensure that you read the ‘Important notes on taxation’ which can be found within the application form.

Forms and downloads

Level 125 167 187 and 200 - Lump sum AVC 2022-23

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Level 100+ - Lump sum AVC 2022-23

162.83 KB

2000 Plan Benefits - Lump sum AVC 2022-23

178.24 KB

Alvis Benefits - Lump sum AVC 2022-23

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SIPS Benefits - Lump sum AVC 2022-23

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Passport Benefits - Lump sum AVC 2022-23

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ROPS - Lump sum AVC 2022-23

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