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What is new in NetReveal

In an environment of rapidly evolving regulatory requirements and increasing transaction volumes, NetReveal provides a holistic 360-degree

view of a customer’s suspicious behaviour and empowers financial institutions and investigators to be vigilant, compliant, and competitive.


Our latest version combines the best of human expertise and advanced analytics to put financial institutions in the strongest position to

address regulations, investigative challenges, and organisational inefficiencies.

Customer friendly real-time onboarding

Customer-friendly real time onboarding

Reduces customer friction and improves user experience by enabling real-time customer onboarding, account opening and risk scoring of customers and their connected parties, including real-time name screening.
Customer friendly real-time onboarding

Average 30% reduction in AML alert volumes

Machine learning powers NetReveal’s Intelligent Event Triage feature that auto-hibernates low priority alerts so investigators are always focused on the highest risk alerts first.
All in one compliance

All-in-one compliance

Scalable, fully managed service, with defence grade security controls, offers cost efficiencies by
leveraging the cloud to remove internal hardware and refocus internal IT resources.
Faster profiling

30-40% faster profiling and detection

Centralised 360° customer view consolidates related alerts, evidence and financial metrics and presents investigators with a single combined alert related to a customer or entity.
Decision making

Intuitive view accelerates decision making

Modernised user interface displays data logically using instructional design and intuitive navigation techniques to simplify and accelerate the decision making process.
Data privacy

Worldwide data privacy coverage

NetReveal Data Privacy Agent supports compliance and fraud solutions to help financial institutions
comply with regional data privacy requirements such as GDPR and CCPA.

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“Effective financial crime risk management is confronted with an ever expanding conflation of threats. Financial organizations crave innovative, dynamic, and cost-effective technology solutions for faster customer due diligence, more intelligent detection, and more efficient investigations. Solutions like NetReveal are designed to factor in both the macro-economic challenges and demands for an effective, flexible and scalable solution.”
Chuck Subrt, Senior Analyst with the Aite Group

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