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The explosion of cross-border and domestic transactions and the recent expansion of regulatory screening requirements, increases complexity and alert volumes for all banks. This commonly increases false positives and the risk of missing true positives.
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Financial institutions must screen customers and involved parties against multiple internal, external, domestic and international Sanctions Screening lists and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists for negative news, matching persons, legal entities, countries or PEPs and their associates to ensure they are compliant and aware of the watchlist status of their customers and associated parties.
The name screening process is notoriously prone to high false positive alerts due to the number of lists, spellings, multiple aliases, different global character sets and data quality. Institutions struggle to effectively process the sheer volume of alerts to ensure investigators correctly identify a person or company on a sanctions or PEP list.

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Increase your detection strength

Enhance investigations of high-risk and sanctioned entities with context analysis

Screen, detect, and adjudicate fast. NetReveal Sanctions Screening and PEP Screening provides robust, validated name screening capabilities against any watchlist including mandatory sanctions, PEP, Adverse Media screening and custom internal good/bad people lists.
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What is NetReveal

Enhance investigation capabilities with the Intelligent Event Triage feature for NetReveal Sanctions Screening and PEP Screening

Automatically, look beyond pure name matches and into the context to reduce false positives and reveal true matches. Targeted 30% average reduction in alert volumes shortens investigation time and lowers compliance costs.
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BAE Systems named a “Category Leader” in the Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Systems Vendor Landscape report
Chartis, Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: AML and Watch list Monitoring 2019 Vendor Landscape report
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