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Identify sanctioned or high-risk entities from internal, domestic and international watch lists, negative news lists or Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists with fewer false positive alerts
minimum reduction
Machine learning reduces false positive alerts by at least 30%
of banks
Trusted by more than a third
of the global top 100 banks
faster profiling and detection
centralised 360 degree customer view consolidates alerts, evidence and metrics
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Discover what the NetReveal Sanctions and PEP Screening and Negative News solution can do for you

Financial institutions must screen customers and involved parties against multiple internal, external, domestic and international sanctions lists and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists for negative news, matching persons, legal entities, countries or PEPs and their associates to ensure they do not have sanctioned entities and high-risk PEPs as customers.

Sanctions and PEP screening is notoriously prone to high false positive alerts due to the number of lists, spellings, multiple aliases, and different global character sets. Institutions struggle to effectively process the sheer volume of alerts to ensure investigators correctly identify a person or company on a sanctions or PEP list.

Increase your detection strength

Identify high-risk and sanctioned entities on watchlists rapidly

Comply with internal, domestic and international watch list enforcement regulations by identifying high-risk and sanctioned individuals and entities. Financial institutions can rapidly screen, detect and track beneficial owners and their linkages in real-time – all while receiving accurate and productive alerts.
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Realise increased detection strength

Concatenated name matching algorithm strengthens detection levels. Receive alerts on sanctioned entities or persons that have intentionally included too many or removed spaces to avoid detection by screening systems


Focused expertise - reduce your false positives by at least 30%

Focus on critical alerts and reduce false positives by a minimum of 30%. NetReveal’s Intelligent Event Triage uses advanced analytics and machine learning (based on previous behaviours) to prioritise higher risk alerts while hibernating lower priority alerts for review and reassessment when appropriate. Manual repetitive assignment is automated so teams can focus on high priority issues in real-time

Redesigned batch processing

Reduce time and cost of processing records at scale. Enjoy distributed processing of records with maximum and ad-hoc scalability – with detailed auditing capabilities


Achieve 30-40% faster alert adjudication

Centralised 360° customer view consolidates related alerts, evidence and financial metrics and presents your investigators with a single combined alert related to a customer or entity

Compare watch list

Investigators can see the changes between the current version of the watch list entity and the previous version at alert generation time to speed up the alert adjudication time

See all beneficial ownership relationships

Allows users add a note, create a new case, link to an existing case or a current case, and create a new alert – all with single clicks

Match screen in

Speed customer onboarding time by rapidly screening, detecting and tracking beneficial owners and their linkages in real-time

Advanced volume data processing

Provides load distribution capabilities over multiple machines for more efficient processing of very high volumes

Comply with worldwide watch list regulations

Screen sanctioned entities, PEPs, individuals, and beneficial owners against 350+ global watch lists

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