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Keeping good customers happy – and bad actors out

Benefit from real-time onboarding, risk scoring and integrated name screening of customers and connected parties managed via a single consolidated CDD investigation, incorporating graphical representation of risk categories. All while adhering to new UBO and existing regulatory directives such as the FinCEN CDD final ruling and the 5th EU AML Directive. 

in alert volumes
with Intelligent Event Triage
quicker detection
Combined risk scoring and alerting reduces multiple alerts,
alert volume and time spent on alerts by ~25%
Providing compliance
BAE Systems positioned as a “Major Player” in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Know-Your-Customer Solutions in Financial Services 2018 Vendor Assessment (doc #US44292018, September 2018)
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Case Study Cutting false positives without serious disruption to live financial compliance systems. See how we helped Asia Pacific Banking Group do just that.

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Celent recognises BAE Systems in the
Solutions for Know Your Customer: 2020 Edition report
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Discover what NetReveal CDD/KYC can do for you

Consolidate your customer information from disparate systems during verification and gain a dynamic risk assessment for greater resource allocation and faster on-boarding decisions

Rate and rank risks

Rate and rank risks – in real time

With NetReveal’s Intelligent Event Triage (IET) for CDD, alerts are both automatically enriched and prioritised to maximise investigation capabilities and minimise time spent on false positives.
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CDD Reduce Workloads Screenshot 2

Realise 25% less distraction, 25% faster detection  

Combined risk scoring and alerting reduces multiple alerts while providing a holistic view of each customer. Single Active CDD Alert feature reduces alert volumes up to 25%. Free your analysts to spend more time making crucial risk decisions and analysing alert information.
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CDD Score Grouping

Accurate, real-time decisions based on relevant customer risk

CDD Score Grouping uses dynamic graphing so investigators can see both the overall risk score and the grouping/categorisation of the risk score to understand where that risk is focused.
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UBO Threshold Screenshot

Adjust the UBO threshold with dynamic management 

Understand changes that may impact risk scores such as updates to the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) status of customers or prospects. Adjust the UBO threshold according to internal business processes or changes in regulatory compliance mandates.
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CDD Risk Dashboard Screenshot 3

Holistic customer risk

A dynamic customer risk dashboard provides a holistic visualisation of the entire customer risk profile. Providing your investigators with a complete picture of risk exposure facilitating faster, more informed decisions throughout the customers lifecycle.
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UBO Threshold Screenshot

Adverse media scanning  

Connect to external sources. Automatic enhanced view of risk saves time and improves detections through the inclusion of adverse media scanning or missing risk factors.
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CDD Identifying Beneficial Owners Screenshot 4

Quickly identify beneficial

Present investigators with the insight to understand all the risks posed by
a customer’s beneficial owners so they can see how this impacts risk.
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CDD Reduce Workloads Screenshot 2

One Click - 3rd party data enrichment  

Enrich corporate data with a click and realise faster customer risk assessments. Visualise a multi-layer complex corporate structure – sourced from third party data – within the compliance investigation.
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Advanced Analytics Platform

Applying intelligence to transform customer risk

Operationalise artificial intelligence quickly and effectively to create, refine and improve customer identification strategies. Use a combination of machine learning and scenario management to keep pace with evolving and increasingly complex threats. Download our NetReveal Advanced Analytics Platform factsheet for more information.
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