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Our SWIFT partnership

Our unique financial sector threat intelligence ensures we have the most current view of the threats relevant to SWIFT members.


We have been working with SWIFT since July 2016 to provide rapid insight, advice and solutions to SWIFT customers.

Insights and resources

Joint research: Follow the money - understanding the money laundering techniques that support large-scale cyber-heists

How money laundering is typically performed in the context of large-scale cyber heists
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Webinar: Cyber threats to payment systems and
updates to the SWIFT Customer Security Programme

What you need to know, straight from the experts
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Joint research: the evolving cyber threat to the banking community

Gain insight from forensic studies of cyber-attacks on SWIFT customers.
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Joint research: the advanced cyber threats to
financial markets

Learn about the scale of the cyber threats to the financial sector, key trends and themes.
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SWIFT Customer Security Control Framework:
self-attest by the end of 2020

The SWIFT Customer Security Control Framework is made up of 21 mandatory and 10 advisory controls.
All companies using SWIFT must self-attest against the latest framework by the end of 2020.
Learn how we can help: SWIFT Customer Security Assessment Services from BAE Systems.
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BAE Systems and SWIFT CSP timeline

SWIFT Customer Security Programme: a timeline

The SWIFT Customer Security Programme reinforces the security of the global banking system.

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