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While definitions and opinions vary, put simply, we believe data ethics is a moral code of conduct laid out by each company that it will live, breathe and operate by when it comes to the use of data.

No two data ethic frameworks are the same and a framework cannot be copied as it is unique to the history, culture and future plans of an individual company, created by the individuals that run it.

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Complimentary report:
An Introduction to Data Ethics

In this whitepaper, we focus on the fundamentals, applications and role of data ethics specific to the financial services (FS) sector and the financial institutions (FIs) that make up the ecosystem and covers: 
  • What we mean by data ethics and what it should mean to FIs
  • Why are we talking about data ethics and why it is so important
  • Where to begin – the 101 of data ethics
  • Data ethic values in practice 
  • Making data ethics about more than just a checklist within your organisation
  • The future of data ethics for FIs
Download the 'Introduction to Data Ethics'

A glimpse inside...

“For data ethics to be useful in practice to an organisation, it has to be more than just ‘what not to do’; it can’t just be a compliance tick box exercise of what is perceived to be bad. And it’s not a binary list of yes or no, right or wrong questions. Data ethics is about exploring the nuanced grey areas which don't readily conform to a list of rules or regulations, whilst understanding what values the organisations lives by when using data.

It is about shifting the conversation from what you could do with data, to what you should do with data. It is also more than just what you are doing with data, it’s also about who is doing it and the how and when. Much of the data ethics conversation focuses on what data is being collected and how it is used, and by whom, but data ethics also needs to raise broader moral questions, such as who gets to make those decisions in the first place.”

So, what do an organisations’ values in practice actually look like? In the report we have provided some example values for an international cooperative and an independent retail bank as a source of inspiration, which breaks down the values and how they would translate into data practice.

Download the 'Introduction to Data Ethics'



We hope you find this deep dive into data ethics insightful and practical. The subject has a huge role to play in the future of innovation for FIs and for the complex network of sectors they work with, and we are all well aware business decisions are only as strong as the data and the ethical conduct behind them.

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