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By understanding the behaviours of the drug runners, banks can better detect and disrupt drug trafficking criminal activity and pass actionable insights onto law enforcement

County lines is a massive problem with an estimated 27,000 children involved in the UK and requires a response on all fronts to tackle this issue at scale. Whilst the term has become almost synonymous with all street-level drug dealing, it is important all aspects which make it a unique problem are clear. It is crucial to treat county lines in a separate way to general drug dealing because the impact to vulnerable people and children is growing and preventable.

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Complimentary Report: County Lines Drug Trafficking

This FinCrime Threat Intelligence Report aims to help financial institutions (FIs) better understand the transactional profiles that could indicate a customer is involved in drug trafficking.

In the report, we focus on criminal activities related to county lines and specifically how to identify signs of young or vulnerable people who have been recruited into the activity to act as runners for drug gangs, through an example of coerced criminality.
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The lite report describes: the definition of this typology, the scale of the problem, the behavior of a typical drug runner, the key transactional identifiers for banks to look for to aid accurate detection and reporting to law enforcement, relevance for financial institutions and the typical profiles of actors involved.


The full report (which will be available soon) provides granular detail into behavioural patterns that can be expected of drug runners caught up in county lines activity. This includes the transactional profile before they start working in drug trafficking, the process of recruitment and the movements across the transport network which are indicative of this activity. At every stage the report shows where interaction with the banking system is likely to occur, which can be used by banks to examine the rules they should put in place to detect this activity. Finally the report examines a number of case studies which bring to life the impact of such criminal activities and the positive role banks can play in stopping it.

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FinCrime Testing Service

At BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, we have developed the FinCrime Testing Service to simulate the transactions of county lines runners and other criminal and victim behaviours. Using this simulation, the FinCrime Testing Service can test and quantify your anti-money laundering detection systems to help you understand which behaviours you are detecting and those that are being missed.


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