Customer objectives

Cecabank is a Spanish wholesale bank specialising in securities services, treasury management, payments and digital solutions, offering customers innovative, tailored financial proposals and guiding them through their projects to reach their business objectives.


Cecabank’s main objective was therefore to deploy a tailored solution that would cover transaction monitoring, sanctions filtering and customer due diligence. Most solutions in the market only covered commercial banking at that time, but Cecabank was determined to achieve a level of customisability that would address wholesale, as well as retail requirements.

“NetReveal has the ability to access information that is needed in a quick and efficient way, which has been very important to us over the past few years. In 2012, we segregated our financial activities from the associative ones, we changed focus, now based in securities services, and we expanded to new services and customers. NetReveal has allowed us to do so in a fast and easy way since its deployment.” Maria Jose Molina, Head of AML, Cecabank
Addressing four key challenges
  • Finding a solution that would address and account for both wholesale and retail activities, acknowledging the technical, timing and volume differences between the two

  • Customisability – being able to deploy a solution specific to Cecabank’s business model, but still with the help of top-tier, outsourced consultants

  • Ensuring team efficiency through being able to investigate alerts simply on one screen, rather than multiple

  • Applying watch list management at different levels, accounting for retail banking’s real-time requirements, as well as wholesale banking’s higher volumes of alerts

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