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Robert A. Goldfinger

Robert A. Goldfinger 
Global Financial Crimes Expert 

Robert A. Goldfinger is responsible for providing financial crimes and compliance subject matter expertise and providing strategic guidance for customers of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. With nearly three decades of leadership experience in the public and private sectors, he brings a unique combination of management expertise, operational and investigation leadership across business environments that require technology and investigative solutions.
Prior to joining BAE Systems, Robert has held leadership positions within the Fraud/Risk Management sector at multiple private sector firms including financial services and technology entities. He has a proven ability to design both operational and technical approaches to enhance Risk, Fraud and Compliance programs for financial institutions. His background within the Compliance, Anti- Money Laundering/Combating Terrorist Financing, Security and Operational Risk disciplines allow him to view overall financial crimes compliance bank operations with a practical risk based approach.
Robert is a retired Law Enforcement Executive having served with the Rochester New York Police Department. During his tenure in Law Enforcement, he held numerous leadership positions including Commanding Officer of Criminal Investigations, Director of Training and Development, and Internal Investigation Command managing use of deadly physical force, corruption and integrity investigations.
“I have always been passionate about helping financial institutions as well as my colleagues and peers to fight financial crime and protect their organizations against current and future threats,” says Robert.
Robert is a Certified Anti-money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and a founding member and former Co-Chair of ACAMS Carolinas Chapter and serves on ACAMS TODAY editorial task and ACAMS educational task forces. He is a frequent speaker at US domestic and international conferences on organizational efficiency, utilization and design of due diligence tools, threat and risk management, fraud and Anti-money Laundering. Goldfinger is widely published in a variety of industry periodicals, as well as an adjunct Law Professor at Case Western University.

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