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Prashil Pattni

Prashil Pattni 
Threat Intelligence Analyst 

Prashil works for BAE Systems’ Threat Intelligence team. His role starts with looking at clients’ infrastructure from the point of view of an attacker, gathering open source intelligence. He maps out a company’s infrastructure and online footprint using publicly-available information to identify how much an attacker can learn about an organisation through completely passive means. With that knowledge Prashil and the Security Consulting team then look for potential issues and misconfigurations that could be used against the organisation and bring together specific recommendations to mitigate them.
“Questions from clients primarily revolve around the above investigation cycle. How does the state of my infrastructure present itself in open source?” says Prashil. “What issues are there with it, and how might they be used against us? What threat actors are targeting my sector?”
Combining this insight with an understanding of how adversaries are targeting other organisations and ultimately how they might target the organisation given the issues identified helps maintain effective defences.
The investigations Prashil and his team undertake look to directly improve the security of organisations. This often involves bringing organisations up-to-date with basic security hygiene concepts. But the work frequently includes identifying high priority issues that could directly be used in attacks against customers.

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Threat intelligence led infrastructure assessments, CBESTs and TIBER engagements.


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