Muhammad Saleem

Muhammad Saleem 
Head of Data Architecture 

Muhammad works with senior client stakeholders to solve their organisations' complex data problems and achieve their strategic objectives.
This involves building the capabilities necessary to effectively manage and use the data their organisation holds. The end result of this is optimised information flow around the business, ensuring the right information is in the right place and at the right time.
"The most important thing we can do for clients is to mature their data function, create necessary controls to effectively govern data centric solutions, improve compliance and reduce cost," says Muhammad "It all comes down to helping customers answer the question: 'How do I effectively manage and extract value from my data?'"
Muhammad's work centres on supporting common understanding of client's data, consistent implementation of data centric solutions, improving  understanding (or awareness) of data landscape and continuous maturity of client’s data architecture function. This is achieved through building enterprise data models, data standards, high level architectures and strategies of data domains.
"It’s about helping the businesses understand their data and data landscape, and how they can exploit their data, which may involve migration to or implementation of new capabilities in the Cloud," says Muhammad.
"Organisations in the financial sector, as with others, struggle to exploit the capabilities offered by the Cloud, especially when it comes to data analytics and data science. Two further challenges we're familiar with the need to simplify organisations' data and systems landscapes to improve compliance, including around GDPR, and the implementation of real time analytics to support business processes."
Muhammad holds an MSc in Computer Science from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan and a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development from Open University, UK. TOGAF, a BCS Enterprise and Solution Architecture and Prince2 qualifications have further added to his qualifications and capabilities.

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