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Mariola Marzouk

Mariola Marzouk CAMS, CITF
Compliance Product Manager 

Mariola manages the BAE Systems Compliance product line and has years of experience as an anti-financial crime strategist. She holds a Masters in Forensic Accounting and is currently working towards a Doctorate in Criminal Justice. Along the way, Mariola also holds an ACAMS certification, is certified in International Trade Finance by the London Institute of Banking and Finance and is certified in Corporate Finance by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.
Aside from managing the development and maintenance of banking compliance products for BAE Systems, Mariola is also currently researching Trade Based Money Laundering problems and potential reforms.
“An unstable geopolitical environment, coupled with the speed of technological change, gives criminals the ability to adjust their techniques at a pace that is hard to match,” says Mariola. “Meanwhile Financial Institutions have to contend with an avalanche of False Positive alerts and beset by regulatory demands. Under these circumstances, it’s vital to get the most from decades of technology investment, as well as get to a point where the banking industry can take more proactive action to prevent the abuse of services and products.”
The impact of money laundering on society is intrinsic to the struggle banks face. Mariola has spent years researching and documenting the impact laundering has had on businesses, nations and regions.
“Money Laundering can give competitive advantage to criminals by the power of their wealth and connections. It deprives entire countries of revenue that could be used for building schools, improving health services, creating jobs and roads, to name just few. It can price certain goods – such as property – out reach of the general public,” says Mariola. Our job at BAE Systems is to help Financial Institutions mitigate that exposure risk and with it criminal’s ability to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth."

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Building a realistic, pragmatic view of the role of technology in solving complex money laundering challenges.


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