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Gary Kalish

Gary Kalish 
Senior Financial Crime Prevention Consultant 

Gary has spent more than 16 years as an investigator and Financial Intelligence professional. His career includes stints as an analyst at a national Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Senior Manager, Group FIU at Lloyds and as Head of Compliance Surveillance and Investigations at Deutsche Bank. His qualifications include an MSc in Security and Risk Management from Leicester University and an ICA Specialist Certificate in Trade-Based Money Laundering and in a Money Laundering Control Course from the Rand Afrikaans University.
At BAE Systems, Gary provides strategic and tactical recommendations to customers looking to improve their control frameworks in mitigating fraud and other financial crime risks. He specialises in helping customers identify previously-unknown risks and direct their teams to concentrate on the most significant, rather than immediately visible, risks.
“By helping customers enhance their processes and controls, we ultimately help protect wider society by protecting the financial systems that support them,” says Gary. “Although banks are starting to move towards breaking down silos there is still a lot of work needed in order to bring fraud, financial crime and cyber closer together to truly combat the risks we face.”
One of the key areas to address the threat society faces is by tackling the information sharing challenge within organisations, across sectors and then between public and private organisations is key to addressing the threat society faces.

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Detection and prevention of financial crime, Intelligence analysis and financial investigations.


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