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Chris Andrew CII 
Insurance Fraud Director, Financial Services  

With experience working with insurers across the globe, Chris is a well-recognised strategist in the insurance counter-fraud and financial crime space. Against the backdrop of digital evolution, Chris helps customers to detect more fraud faster, and works to align their ever-changing challenges to the operationalisation of people, process and technology.
With a Certificate in Insurance (CII), Chris has 26+ years’ experience in financial crime and fraud strategy, management and consulting. His experiences include nine years of police service and two years with what is now the National Crime Agency.
Prior to his current role, Chris has worked at IBM as Associate Partner - Counter Fraud and Financial Crime Centre of Competence, Global Business Services, as Head of Fraud (Direct and Partnerships) at Ageas Insurance, and as Head of Fraud at AIG UKI.
Working closely with customers, Chris enables insurers to create, drive, develop and deliver ‘best practice’ fraud prevention and detection strategies. He helps them extend counter fraud capabilities across different areas of business whilst remaining operationally resilient to insurance fraud and financial crime.
“Whilst digitisation makes consuming insurance products and services easier for customers, it also creates additional opportunities for fraudsters. Insurers must strike a healthy balance between providing self-service like capabilities to consumers, whilst being able to detect fraud more accurately and in real-time.
“For the insurance firms that we work with, combatting fraud is, morally, the right thing to do. With the insurance industry still viewed as a soft target by some, it’s imperative that insurers, and the industry, work collaboratively to tackle insurance fraud and financial crime holistically.”  

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How to solve insurance fraud and financial crime business problems and through doing so, gain more insight in terms of technology, data, intelligence, processes and your organisation.


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