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Brian Ferro CAMS 
Global Head of Product Management for AML/BSA Compliance 

Brian Ferro is responsible for managing the direction of the Compliance Solutions at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. He’s accredited as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and is a Certified Associate in Anti Money Laundering (FIBA) by exhibiting extensive knowledge of compliance guidelines and federal regulations.
Prior to joining BAE Systems, he spent four years in a similar role with another vendor and 15 years in Financial Crimes Investigations and Compliance with one of the world’s leading financial institutions where he managed a Special Investigations Unit (SIU) that coordinated investigations and projects with law enforcement agencies.
Looking back, I’ve always enjoyed research and it’s still a big part of what my career calls for,” says Brian. “The idea of trying to ‘catch’ the bad guy resonated with me. To this day, I like to try and think how fraudsters might act and come up with ways to stop them.”
Brian first started to work fraud cases involving stolen or counterfeit checks (cheques). “The natural progression was to AML Compliance where the criminal topology was more complex – tying in the research aspect, looking at transactions to build out a story of what was taking place, based on internal and outside information.”
“It’s always going to be a battle to detect new money laundering typologies. There are always going to be new channels to monitor and detect suspicious patterns of behaviour with institutions needing to stay vigilant in how they monitor them,” says Brian. “Regulators are looking at institutions to leverage the power of analytics and anomaly models to be more effective in the way suspicious behaviours are identified, with the focus being on investigating more complex typologies and then reporting on it.”

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Using the power of analytics, behaviour models and evolving money laundering typologies.


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