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Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson 
Head of Solutions Consulting, Insurance 

Alex has an MSc in Mathematics with Operational Research and Finance, and joined BAE Systems six years ago from the Automobile Association, where he led operational analytics and early stage insurance operations, as well as other analytical roles.
At BAE Systems, Alex has taken a variety of technical, product management and analytical roles centred on tackling complex financial crime problems and analytical challenges faced by insurers. This work ultimately protects individuals via a fairer, more transparent customer due diligence process as well as cutting the impact and funding of organised crime groups.
“Most people / organisations are good, honest customers, so identifying those legitimate customers and ensuring their experience does not suffer as a result of measures against fraud and financial crime is a fundamental challenge for insurers,” says Alex. “It comes down to being able to identify and separate genuine customers from high risk or potentially fraudulent suspect customers, and defend against large-scale, sophisticated criminal attacks. This is often a very blurred line as fraud and financial crime threats become more sophisticated and obfuscated”
Recent areas of research for Alex have included the rise of Peer To Peer and usage-based insurance and associated fraud. He is also investigating the role of highly-privileged, compromised individuals in both organisations and supply chains. A third area of interest is the challenge of combining a rapid, effective self-service customer experience for the insured with protection against the loopholes in verification and decision-making that this creates.

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Anything to do with fraud and financial crime technology, data analytics or operating models.


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