Benefits for industry

Through Eurofighter Typhoon, we will develop partnerships with Finnish industry which create economic value and guarantee sovereign control. 
The Eurofighter programme offers access to the experience, credibility and supply chains of Europe's largest defence companies and a proven record of technology transfer allowing aircraft to be built across the globe.

Eurofighter Typhoon would provide Finland with the opportunity to become a development partner in the programme, meaning Finnish industry could develop upgrades for the worldwide fleet.
Our proven record and willingness to transfer skills, knowledge and technology means Finland would have te required data to ensure complete sovereign control of its aircraft.
Eurofighter Typhoon - the benefits for Finland

Benefits for Finland

The Eurofighter programme shares technology and IPR across borders, freely accessible to all partners. We can ensure Finland has the highest level of sovereign capability and develop the indigenous capability it needs.
Four Finnish Hawks flying in formation above the clouds

A proud partnership

The UK and Finland enjoy a long-standing and proud history of defence and security collaboration dating back decades, with strong relationships extending to the present day.