“1 (F) squadron from RAF Lossiemouth integrated with our US allies on Operation Red Flag in 2015, the premier high-end war fighting event in the world: Eurofighter became the platform of choice for the package commander. It combined an aggressive, penetrating air-to-air platform with a precise, flexible strike capability, able to stand off when necessary and deliver weapons clinically whilst protecting other less capable aircraft.” Jez Attridge, RAF Group Captain

"We are fortunate enough to be operating the latest version of the Eurofighter ......It’s pretty much unbeatable. If we’re in a scramble we can get airborne very quickly. The Eurofighter has the power to get up to height and speed rapidly, this is far superior to anything we are used to.” Oli Fleming, RAF Flight Lieutenant

"From the very first second I sat in the Eurofighter and went flying in it, you knew it was a world-beater- and that is because of the raw performance and the power that aeroplane has.......The fact we are continuing to improve the capability across the board – and it not just weapons, it is radar performance, it is infra-red search and track, the Helmet-Mounted Sighting System- all of those things means it is a fantastic platform.” Paul Godfrey, RAF Lossiemouth Station Commander

“We learned (from Baltic Air Policing) that our platform is capable of operating pretty much in every weather condition possible, and we learned that we can deploy pretty much all over the world.......We learned a lot about the reliability of Eurofighter during the Baltic Air Policing mission that Italy led from January to September 2015, when we had 48 scrambles and didn’t miss a single one.” Marco Bertoli, Italian Air Force Col.

“It is truly gobsmacking to fly. On the performance tests where we take the performance of the aircraft to the max, I still have those moments where I’m saying to myself ‘I can’t believe I have this job’. It’s like riding a huge ball of almost unlimited energy. The power is just unbelievable.” Steve Formoso, Chief Test Pilot, BAE Systems

“The best word to describe it is worship. The unfortunate fighter pilots who don’t fly it still admire and respect it deeply, even though they might still fly incredible machines. It never fails to astonish those who have never operated alongside it.......The Eurofighter was designed, and all its upgrades have been developed for the same principle, to operate alongside other NATO members.” Joaquin Ducay De La Riva, Spanish Air Force Captain

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