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cv90 Armadillo

When the going gets tough

Proven 2
Designed from the ground up to operate in snow and bogs, CV90’s low ground pressure, track configuration and carefully-calculated balance mean that your soldiers don’t become a target when other vehicles get stuck.
Its speed and all-terrain mobility will keep crews out of harm’s way, keep the enemy guessing and allow the vehicle commander to choose the time and place to fight.
A new generation of rubber tracks, selected by Norway for its CV90 fleet, means that long-distance deployment by road is faster, more reliable and results in less crew fatigue and lower support costs – all without compromising vital off-road performance. And the vehicle on offer to Denmark features semi-active suspension to improve ride and mobility still further.
With a 1000-km unrefuelled range, when CV90 arrives at the theatre of operations it only requires minimal logistic support – and no tyre changes or chains to give acceptable cross-country mobility.
The CV90 fleet has more than 3 million kilometres under its tracks to iron out any glitches and commonality with Denmark’s existing CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (CV9035) means reduced and predictable support costs.
CV90s have travelled the equivalent of 74 times round the globe – that gives you proven reliability and support costs.
CV90 Armadillo rubber tracks
CV90 Armadillo: motorsport-derived semi-active suspension and rubber tracks provide a fast smooth ride for the crew.