CV90 Armadillo

Low Risk And Future Proofed

CV90 Globe
The 1280 CV90s sold to six user nations have notched up more than three million kilometres of operations from the Arctic to the Equator, often in combat.
Our team co-ordinates operational feedback from the different CV90 users and conducts trials of new technology on their behalf. The result is that all CV90 operators can benefit from each other’s experience and share development costs.
In addition, the Armadillo variant offered to Denmark is the latest, most flexible CV90 yet. It has masses of stowage space, can be easily reconfigured for different roles and its open electronic architecture allows “plug-and-play” updates of key systems. For instance CV90 Armadillo is already configured to fit the Lemur Remote Weapon Station in service with Danish forces.

As a result, users can cost-effectively take advantage of emerging technology to ensure that their vehicles continue to have the best mobility, protection, firepower and smart systems available.
And with refurbishment/upgrade programmes for Norway and Sweden taking place, you know that CV90 will be around for a long time yet – and not part of an “orphan fleet”.
That’s why CV90 Armadillo is the proven, low-risk choice.
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