CV90 Armadillo

The CV90 Armadillo meets Denmark’s armoured personnel carrier requirements of high tactical and strategic mobility, survivability in any terrain or tactical environment and predictable low support costs.
Image of helmet for Terma 3D Audio

Sounds Interesting

Terma is to integrate its Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and 3D-Audio technologies with BAE Systems' pilot helmets
Right product, Right partner

Right product, Right partner

Paul Hitchcock - Vice President at BAE Systems - explains how we are supporting Danish industry.
CV90 Ice & fire

Ice and Fire

 Proven by three nations in temperatures of up to +50 degrees Celsius in Afghanistan and in the tropical jungles of Liberia under the UN flag.
CV90 infographic print

CV90 & Denmark

Opportunities for Danish Industry on CV90 Armadillo

When the going gets tough…

Designed from the ground up to operate in snow and bogs, CV90’s low ground pressure, track configuration and carefully-calculated balance mean that your soldiers don’t become a target when other vehicles get stuck.
Danish CV9035 closeup

Combat-proven best-in-class protection

Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish CV90s have been successfully deployed in humanitarian, peace-keeping and combat operations.

CV90 Liberia People

Low risk and future proofed

With 1280 vehicles sold to six user nations and refurbishment/upgrade programmes for Norway and Sweden ongoing, you know that CV90 will be around for a long time – and not part of an “orphan fleet”.
CV90 in numbers

CV90 in numbers

Want to know the facts behind the CV90?