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CV90 Armadillo

Combat-proven best-in-class protection

Danish CV9035
Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish CV90s have been successfully deployed in humanitarian, peace-keeping and combat operations.
Issues and incidents are logged and analysed by the BAE Systems Hägglunds engineering team, shared with all users, and the learning feeds through into vehicle upgrade and improved design.
That’s why CV90 has yet to meet its match in terms of survivability for both mine/IED and kinetic threats in its weight class. And, since Armadillo has six tonnes’ spare weight capacity fully protected and combat loaded, you can add even more armour or smart systems to meet changing threats.
But protection isn’t just about armour. A low signature, highly-sophisticated open electronic architecture and a wide range of optional smart systems for C4ISR, stealth, and detection and destruction of threats means you have the lowest-risk, best-protected vehicle available – now and for the future.
CV90 incorporates a wide range of survivability technologies integrated via an advanced electronic architecture to minimise crew stress, fatigue and reaction times.
Combat-Proven Best-In-Class Protection