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Danish LED Searchlights selected for the CV90 to Norway

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Thanks to the Danish WiseLED Flashlight Company, the Norwegian military will get much improved night-time targeting for the guns on their BAE Systems CV90 armored vehicles.
BAE Systems Swedish site Hägglunds is carrying out a delivery to Norway for the CV90 fleet under a contract awarded by the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation, NDLO in June 2012. The project includes upgrade and new production to 144 state-of-the art CV90 vehicles.
This year, in the first $1.1M sub-contract, WiseLED Flashlight A/S delivered the first of 110 Xtruder LED searchlights, with final delivery in 2017. The searchlights will be mounted to CV90’s 30mm cannon and are designed to withstand the forces created by live firing.
“WiseLED is very proud to have been selected as the supplier of LED searchlights to NDLO and BAE Systems. This contract award is a product of long-term commitment to develop an innovative and revolutionary new LED-based searchlight that meets our customer’s demanding specifications,” said Flemming Dahlin, CEO of WiseLED Flashlights ApS.
The selection follows the award in June of a contract to Denmark’s Multicut AS for Rear Ramp Assembly for the CV90 Norwegian programme.
The WiseLED Xtruder crew served weapon light is a revolutionary new LED searchlight providing outstanding performance where you can see clear up to 1 kilometer in good conditions, according to Dalin. He continues:
“Winning this contract and being a part of BAE Systems’ upgrade program shows our focus and competence, and will help us position WiseLED in the market for heavy artillery/machine gun weapon lights internationally. It is great news for all our employees in Denmark”
BAE Systems is building an industrial team in Denmark for the manufacture and support of the CV90 Armadillo should it be successful in the current Danish Army Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) competition. This team will be based on the proven CV9035 industrial model, which delivered 45 infantry fighting vehicles for the Danish Army on budget and three years ahead the agreed time.
Opportunities for Danish industry with BAE Systems are not just restricted to the land sector. The company has relationships with 125 Danish companies across the Air, Land, Maritime and Security sectors and is expanding its local network.
Active BAE Systems Danish supply chain partnerships include Terma, which has entered into a long-term agreement with BAE Systems worth over $35M, including follow on options, for the manufacture of composite parts for the international F-35 fighter aircraft program.
Just over two years after the contract signing in Oslo 21st June 2012 with the Norwegian customer to upgrade and build 144 CV90 armoured combat vehicles, BAE Systems Hägglunds has now delivered the first two of totally five different variants on time.
BAE Systems Hägglunds’ contract with Norway is to upgrade the Norwegian Army’s existing 103-vehicle CV9030 fleet and build 41 new vehicles, giving the Army 144 state-of-the art CV90’s in varying configurations with enhanced capabilities - protection, survivability, situational awareness, intelligence and interoperability - for future battlefield and conflict scenarios.
The requirement is for totally 144 vehicles - 74 infantry fighting, 21 reconnaissance, 15 command, 16 engineering, 16 multi-role and two driver training vehicles. The multi-role vehicles will be able to undertake different functions, including mortar carrier and logistics roles.
From day one the Norwegian customer and BAE Systems Hägglunds has been extremely focused on meeting every milestone in the contract. To fulfill the contract, BAE Systems Hägglunds is working closely with the demanding Norwegian customer as well as the Norwegian industry in a comprehensive industrial cooperation contract which is part of the main vehicle contract.

•    Journalists are welcome for a full brief of the CV90 Norway programme and the WiseLED search lights
For more information, please contact:
Flemming Dahlin, CEO of WiseLED ApS
T: +45 41 13 17 27
Ola Thorén BAE Systems Hägglunds
T: +46 (0) 708 335 000
Peter Edwards, BAE Systems
T:  +44 (0) 1252 384 029 | M: +44 (0) 7540 629 857