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Raising our standards
“Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, Tamek AS grew more and more as a professional system supplier in the defence market," says Marcus Ek, Managing Director Tamek AS. “We are better prepared for the future market needs."
Roy Werner with TAMEK
The CV90 contract was the first industrial cooperation project for mechanical manufacturing company Tamek AS, introducing it to a new market that has significantly enhanced business.
In 2013, Tamek AS was awarded the contract to supply mechanical systems and components directly to BAE Systems Hägglunds and their subcontractor for the CV90 project. This includes systems including the locker, flood lights, roof plates, hatches, locker with rail systems and locking devices.
A Thriving partnership
“It was, and still is, a good and continuously improving cooperation,” said Marcus Ek, Managing Director. With the successful collaboration, Tamek AS has grown both as a professional system supplier and as a whole company.
The contract required Tamek to meet the demanding standards of the defence market, and by adhering to strict management requirements, it also achieved its ISO 9001 certification, with added focus on documentation and traceability.
New knowledge, new business
Due to the experience gained during the CV90 project, Tamek AS is continuing to work with BAE Systems Hägglunds and its subcontractors, which has enabled the company to provide competitive services for the defence market. Through the CV90 project, Tamek AS has grown in turnover, human resources, technologies, productions facilities and production equipment.
“Thanks to this contract, we now have more experience, skills and capabilities in this kind of business, and we are better prepared for the future market needs,” said Marcus Ek.
Tamek AS
Marcus Ek
Managing Director
Based in Frogner outside of Oslo, Tamek AS is a specialist supplier in mechanical products and systems.
Process development, production, assembly, sourcing and logistics, testing and control of mechanical components and systems.
Business areas:
Defense, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Railroad and industrial.