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Growth and development
“The CV90 project was our first industrial cooperation experience, introducing Ritek to a new market, and has resulted in considerable growth and development. It constitutes a good foundation for our ambition to succeed in the international Defence market”, says Pål Hofstad, VP Business Development at Ritek AS.
Ritek 4
“Even though we had a lengthy experience with maintenance and overhaul of armaments, the size and complexity of the Norwegian CV90 programme was entirely of another order of magnitude than anything we had been involved in to date. In many ways, the procurement, logistics and configuration part of the project has been as great a challenge as the mechanical assembly, but we have successfully delivered.
“Without the added reassurance of BAE Systems Hägglunds’ expertise and experience with us, we could not have taken on this demanding task,” says Pål Hofstad, VP Business Development at Ritek AS.
The Scope of Work
Ritek’s scope of work consists of inspecting all vehicles in the existing Norwegian CV90 MK1- fleet - 103 vehicles in total. After dismantling all turrets, 32 chassis were totally stripped down and rebuilt into two completely new variants of the CV90, Sting and Multic. The vehicles are then delivered to BAE Systems Hägglunds after performing the final inspection and a thorough test phase. Procurement, logistics and configuration management is also a vital part of Ritek’s responsibility.
Industrial cooperation
“From day one, it became clear to us that BAE Systems Hägglunds had extensive experience with industrial cooperation with subcontractors like Ritek,” states Hofstad. A team of experts from Hägglunds, covering different disciplines joined our staff at the very beginning of the project, and collaborated in an open, supportive, and professional manner.
The cooperation has also resulted in a joint investment for a new state-of-the-art sandblasting facility at Ritek. “Without the financial support from BAE Systems Hägglunds we would not be in a position to carry out such an investment,” Hofstad states.
As a result of the CV90 project, Ritek has grown from 25 to 45 employees, all with new experience and skills. “Equally important is the increased attention we now are experiencing from the market. We consider this to be a direct consequence of our participation in the most prominent Norwegian Land System programme in many years”, Hofstad concludes. “Our partnership with BAE Systems Hägglunds has put Ritek into growth.”
CV90 contract a boost for Norwegian industry
​The CV90 delivery to Norway continues according to plan. The most recent event was the roll-out of the first STING variant from the Ritek factory in Levanger, Norway. Ritek is one of BAE Systems Hägglunds’ key partners in the industrial set up, rebuilding 32 of the vehicles: 15 STING vehicles, 15 multi carrier vehicles and two training vehicles.
Politicians and military reps took part in the roll-out which also received good media coverage in the Norwegian press. The fact that BAE Systems Hägglunds is working closely with the Norwegian customer as well as Norwegian industry is noticed. Working with the defence industry and state-of-the-art technology means that several of the Norwegian companies can bring their products in to other customers. This helps their growth into the future, beyond, after the CV90 contract.
As a result of the contract with Hägglunds, this year, Ritek has  been able to recruit 19 new employees and has also made an investment in a new blasting facility that makes the production both more efficient and environmental friendly. The blasting facility was demonstrated as part of the roll-out event.
Hilmar Olsen, Manger Ritek; Bjarne Nermo, Land Capabilities Head - procurement agency FLO; Örjan Olsson, Deputy MD BAE Systems Hägglunds; and Elin Rodum Agdestein, member of the Norwegian Parliament and member of the committee on Foreign Affairs & Defence
On picture to the left: Hilmar Olsen, Manger Ritek; Bjarne Nermo, Head of land capabilities at the procurement agency FLO; Örjan Olsson, Deputy MD BAE Systems Hägglunds; and Elin Rodum Agdestein, member of the Norwegian Parliament and member of the committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, visiting the new blasting facility at Ritek.