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Growth and development
“It’s very important for us that BAE Systems has chosen Norautron as a service provider. We are extremely proud and also dedicated to delivering to our customer’s satisfaction”. Tomm-Erik Johannessen, Vice President Technology Norautron
“BAE Systems Hägglunds is a professional capability enhancer”
Norautron has been working in close cooperation with BAE Systems Hägglunds for several years on the Norwegian CV90 project. All phases of the project have their challenges that demand special attention to overcome.
Norautron is a selected partner“To ensure our capabilities are properly tailored to such a demanding project, it is essential to have a real, open partnership and team spirit between the parties involved – as we do with BAE Systems Hägglunds”, says Havard Ostby/ VP Sales & Marketing at Norautron.  “The CV90 project has been instrumental in bringing Norautron to the top level with respect to project-, configuration-, and change management. Risk management has also been a naturally integral part of our daily work”.
Throughout the lifetime of the project, Norautron has gained many positive spinoff effects and the business profile has evolved as the company has become more confident and mature.
“Supported by BAE Systems Hägglunds excellent industrial cooperation department, Norautron has become far more visible and known in new customer segments. The BAE Systems Hägglunds reference proves Norautron to be a capable, sustainable, competitive and low risk partner. Valuable references such as this are mandatory for an EMS company in order to get new business”, concludes Havard Ostby/ VP Sales & Marketing at Norautron.
Peter Sundell, Project Manager Defence Norautron
“BAE Systems is an interesting and demanding customer with a large product portfolio. We have built around one hundred prototype products for BAE Systems during the Norwegian CV90 project and most of them have never been built before”.