Partnering with the Czech Republic

We transfer technology and skills to help build local capabilities and drive economic development.
CV90 in Czech Republic
To support industrial progress and genuine economic growth, we have made industrial cooperation and customised partnerships a part of our business offering in the countries where we operate.
Our industrial solution provides a foundation for job creation, technology transfer and investment, benefiting local markets. The experience and competence we have of industrial cooperation are important factors behind our most successful customer relationships.
For example, we have signed a teaming agreement with  VOP CZ to jointly pursue the BMP2 replacement programme for the Czech Republic Land Forces.
We will work to deliver a solution to meet the needs of the Czech Land Forces in order to maintain capabilities critical for the defence of the nation. The agreement also offers significant long term industrial participation and benefits for VOP CZ and the Czech Defence industry.
VOP CZ facility
VOP has expertise in designing, manufacturing, assembling, engineering production and specializes in integrating and supplying modern defence equipment and systems to the requirements of the Czech Republic Land Forces.
BAE Systems has developed a creative and innovative approach towards industrial cooperation, including technology transfer, marketing support to new markets and support to small-to-medium enterprise companies. The experience and competence we have of industrial cooperation are important factors behind our most successful customer relationships.
Across the number of nations operating the CV90 platform, BAE Systems Hägglunds has successfully delivered its industrial investment commitments, using a proven concept to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.  BAE Systems’ well-proven industrial model has been implemented for commitments in Norway, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

A collaborative contract

In 2004, BAE Systems secured the sale of 184 CV90 vehicles to the Dutch Ministry of Defence. In 2005 this was followed up with the sale of 74 BvS10 vehicles. As part of these supply contracts, BAE Systems delivered an Industrial Cooperation package to the Netherlands between 2004 and 2011. We fulfilled 100 percent of the contract originally worth more than EUR 800 million, the largest offset contract in the country at that time.
Here is a testimonial from one of the 50 companies involved in the BAE Systems Industrial Cooperation package for the Netherlands.

Van Halteren Defence has been a supplier to BAE Systems since the early 1990s. The working relationship was strengthened in 2005 when the company was chosen for the complete turret assembly and vehicle integration of the CV90, as well as the supply of road wheels and road wheel stations for the infantry vehicles.
“The relationship is characterised by flexibility and open communication,” says Izaak Veerman, Marketing and Sales Director at Van Halteren Defence. “It is very good working with the guys from BAE Systems as it’s easy to communicate with them. They are always focused and to the point, and I think that is very important.”

The offset partnership presented Van Halteren Defence with the opportunity to compete with bigger companies. Van Halteren Defence responded by stepping up a level and convincing BAE Systems it was right for the job. “We offered the best value,” says Izaak. “We are a small and flexible company and that set us apart from the competition.”

In return, BAE Systems provided technical support throughout the project to improve Van Halteren Defence’s capabilities and assist it in completing the contract.

Van Halteren Defence was then able to apply this new knowledge to secure new non-offset and government-related contracts. “By completing the contract we built up our skills and that gave us the opportunity to win other contracts for land-based platforms in the Netherlands,” states Izaak.

This expansion of business has led to a sustainable revenue increase of more than 20 percent overall, compared to 2005. “The project had a huge financial impact,” says Izaak. “Our company is at a higher level than it was before the contract.”

The CV90 project was a major step for Van Halteren Defence and has provided it with the competence to build a successful future. “It has helped us to become one of the leading defence contractors in the Netherlands,” concludes Izaak.