Type 26 Global Combat Ship (GCS)
The Global Combat Ship is the most modern and versatile ship in the world that meets Canada's requirements and will be capable of deployment worldwide for extended periods, undertaking a wide range of roles from high intensity conflict to humanitarian assistance, including anti-submarine warfare and air defence.  It is flexible, versatile and is highly survivable with an extremely low acoustic signature. The GCS design is tailored to be inherently flexible to accommodate the different ways that international customers build their ships, minimizing cost and risk.

Modular design

Key to the vessel’s ability to meet the Canadian requirement and to accommodate Canada-specific sub-systems are its modular design and open systems architecture. The same features will also minimise cost of ownership and facilitate Canadian industry playing a leading role in through-life support and upgrade; delivering long term economic benefit to Canada. 

150 years' heritage

At BAE Systems we have more than 150 years' heritage in warship design, and over the last 50 years have designed and built some of the quietest ships and submarines ever deployed.  These low acoustic signatures are crucial for ships to evade detection from submarines, which ultimately translates into the safety and survivability of the crew, and the ability of the ship to successfully complete its mission. 
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