Our global naval support
We offer a full spectrum of in-service support including technical advice, integrated logistic support, spares and repairs, equipment management, maintenance management and full availability contracting (also known as performance-based logistics). Based on our breadth of experience we are able to support ships designed and built by third parties, as well as those built by BAE Systems.    

United Kingdom

Portsmouth Naval Base
At BAE Systems we’re proud to provide support to over half the UK Royal Navy surface fleet. From our UK Maritime Services headquarters at HM Naval Base Portsmouth, we supply in-service ship support to the Type 23 Frigates, Hunt Class Minehunters, Type 45 Destroyers, Offshore Patrol Vessels and survey vessels. 
We are committed to providing support which is focused on the availability of ships. Our services include class and equipment management, design services, ship maintenance, repair and upgrades.  We also extend our service delivery to logistics support, training and information management to ensure the integrated delivery of ship support to our customer. At the heart of our support solution is Class Output Management, providing ship staff with a single point of contact for the delivery of support services. The Class Output Management teams at Portsmouth Naval Base manage support activity on a day to day basis and are responsible for taking the decisions necessary to maintain class availability, including liaison with the ships regarding operational defect repair action. 

Contracting for Availability/Performance-Based Contracting

Contracting for Availability is an effective, efficient and economic in-service support model providing all the services necessary to make ships operationally available throughout the year. For over ten years, we have been delivering 24/7 ship availability, overcoming common challenges in maintenance, procurement, logistics and outputs to transform the way naval ships are supported. Demonstrating best practice in warship management, our model of in-service support has been developed to improve ship availability and reduce through life costs.
In the UK we are contracted to provide ships that are ready for operations for a specific number of days per year for a fixed price. We provide this comprehensive support arrangement for a number of Royal Navy Offshore Patrol Vessels and survey vessels, making them available for operations typically in the region of 320 days per year. It is our responsibility to provide all the services necessary to do this, including maintenance, technical services and logistical support.


Ship welder at work, Western Australia
In Australia, BAE Systems provides a comprehensive range of support for naval ships and systems, including asset management, engineering services and design services.
We also have experience of performance-based contracting. Through two shipyards we provide a combination of maintenance, repairs and upgrades.
Additionally we provide a range of training services for navy platforms supported by BAE Systems including frigates, amphibious assault ships, survey vessels and minehunters.

United States

Platform Supply Vessel
In the United States, BAE Systems is the leading provider of non-nuclear ship repair and modernisation for the United States Navy.
BAE Systems also provides a wide range of maintenance, repair, overhaul and conversion services to other government and commercial customers.
We operate seven shipyards located in all major US Navy homeports and on the Gulf Coast. We support a range of US Navy Surface Combatants including destroyers, cruisers and large-deck amphibious assault ships.


In Canada, BAE Systems provides technical advice, spares and repairs for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Victoria Class Submarines.

Innovation in ship support

System Information Exploitation


Type 45 Deployed Services

BAE Systems is taking new steps in preventative ship maintenance across the latest Royal Navy fleet of ships, the Type 45 Destroyers. The technology, called System Information Exploitation, or SIE, works by sending real-time alerts to BAE Systems analysts and staff on board Royal Navy ships notifying them of immediate and potential issues that could lead to future problems.

By fitting a black box to each ship, capable of recording 10,000 samples of data per second, BAE Systems and the UK Royal Navy will gain a clearer understanding of component performance and those most prone to failure.  The new technology will allow support teams to take steps to maintain ship performance and prevent faults from happening. What’s more, data analysis in this area will help to continuously improve how ships are built over time.

OPDEF Tracker 

The BAE Systems Operational Defect (OPDEF) tracker is transforming defect management. The innovative tracker shows Class Output Management teams at Portsmouth Naval Base a live status of OPDEFs and how they are being managed, enabling clear visibility of the time taken to pass through the various stages of clearing an OPDEF. Through further analysis we will be able to see trends in the data and in time it will improve our performance of a key contract deliverable, to maintain the material state of Royal Navy ships.
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