BAE Systems Canada

We have been a proud member of the Canadian defence industrial base since 1911. During this time, BAE Systems has contributed to the defence and security of Canada, delivered world-class innovations, and employed thousands of Canadians.


years supporting Canadian Defence

BAE Systems has been a member of the Canadian defence industrial base since 1911

jobs in Canada

Over 2400 Canadians employed directly or indirectly through the company

in benefits to Canada’s economy

Over the past five years we have created an economic impact of approximately half a billion dollars

Working in partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces
to deliver innovative defence capabilities

From world-leading defence platforms to crew training, our strengths and core capabilities include providing the design, manufacture, integration and support services
for the Canadian Armed Forces across the maritime, land, air, space and digital domains.


We design, manufacture, upgrade combat vehicles, ammunition and precision munitions to support and sustain Canada’s national capabilities.
Land capabilities


As a trusted industry partner we design, build and support surface and sub-surface maritime platforms and equipment. 
Sea capabilities


We design, develop, manufacture, upgrade, maintain and support world-leading combat and fast jet trainer aircraft.
Air capabilities


Working towards a secure space domain, to enable future prosperity
Space capabilities


NetVIPR™ is a software solution providing an intelligent, flexible and secure network 
Digital capabilities

We have delivered over 3,000
hybrid drive solutions across Canada

Discover the range of hybrid and electric solutions for buses, trucks and marine applications.
Electric and Hybrid solutions

Forthcoming events

Working in partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces since 1911

We have a legacy of delivering critical capabilities that have served Canada both at home and abroad. Our aviation history includes Avro Canada, which produced the Avro Arrow, as well companies such as De Havilland Canada and Hawker Siddeley Aviation.

We also built many of the frigates, corvettes, and supply ships that served Canada during the Battle of the Atlantic.