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Our capabilities include Infantry Fighting Vehicles like the Bradley and CV90, M109 self-propelled howitzers, M113 armoured personnel carriers, amphibious vehicles, M88 heavy-lift recovery vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles like the BvS10.
We are currently working on several projects to support the Brazilian military, including upgrades to its fleet of M113 armoured personnel carriers and the delivery of upgraded M109A5+ self-propelled howitzers for the Army, as well as modernized Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs) to the Marine Corps.


In partnership with the Brazilian Army, we are upgrading the service’s armored personnel carriers to the A2 MK1 configuration and providing training to personnel on the upgrade and maintenance of the vehicles.
The M113 is the largest family of armored tracked vehicles in the world. It includes more than 80,000 vehicles globally and more than 40 variants. As one of the most widely used combat vehicles, the M113 family plays a key role in the militaries of at least 44 countries.
In 2011, we were awarded an initial contract and in 2016 a follow-on contract to upgrade existing Brazilian M113B vehicles to the newer A2 MK1 variant. During this upgrade, the team, utilizing resources in local industry and Army depots, is re-using existing vehicle hulls, hatches, and ramps and replacing or upgrading components including the engines, transmissions, and cooling systems. We are also transferring technology into the new vehicles and are working with the Brazilian Army to train personnel on the upgrade and maintenance of the vehicles.
The M113 has proven to be the most versatile of military tracked vehicles in the world. It can transport 12 troops plus a driver and is capable of amphibious operation, extended cross-country travel over rough terrain, and high-speed operation on improved roads and highways. With current and ongoing improvements in power-train technology, armor developments, active and passive protection and suspension enhancements, the M113 will continue to play a significant role for the next three to four decades.


We have been contracted to upgrade 32 M109A5 self-propelled howitzers to the M109A5+ configuration, enhancing the Army’s artillery capabilities, and building on the close relationship between BAE Systems and our Brazilian customer.
The M109A5+ provides an increase in capabilities by digitizing the fire mission sequence. Adding the position and navigation systems, commander’s display unit, digital capable radios, weapons control system and remotely actuated travel lock improve the time from receipt of mission to the firing of the mission by more than 80 percent over previous variants.
Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2018 along with crew training and additional support for the Army.


Our combat vehicle team is working to provide 23 upgraded Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs) for the Marine Corps. The upgrades will have major capability enhancements to improve speed and reliability based on a more powerful engine and drive train, and upgraded suspension system.
Under the contract, we will also supply tools and testing equipment to support vehicle maintenance, and an initial sustainment capability to the Marine Corps that includes spare parts and field service support, as well as training for vehicle operators.

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