Through investment in research and development of the future technologies in this sector we anticipate approximately 1,000 additional jobs will be created  in Belgium, ensuring the long-term sustainment and further growth of the sector.  We believe that ultimately this could sustain more than 50,000 jobs in Belgium with opportunity to grow through the life of the programme to adjacent sectors.

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Sustaining Belgian jobs through the proposal


  • A place in Europe’s largest ever defence programme, where Belgium will be part of defining the future direction of capability.  Belgian industry will be able to actively participate in tangible capability development programmes.
  • An investment in R&D, ensuring Belgium has the opportunity to continually hone its defence and aerospace technology and manufacturing capabilities for the future, enabling it to compete for work as an empowered force within the European technological industrial base on the next generation of military air platforms in Europe.
  • Long term sustainment of high technology jobs and businesses with the opportunity to exploit the technologies and grow into adjacent sectors. It has been our experience that initiatives such as these see a return on investment of between 15-20% in high-value sectors of the economy.

The backbone of the Consortium is the three Eurofighter Partner Companies - Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo - whose combined turnover exceeds €100bn. These companies underpin Eurofighter’s unparalleled combination of industrial capability, experience and credibility.

In 2016, the total value of orders placed with Belgian companies exceeded 600 million Euros, providing a solid basis on for further industrial opportunities with the Eurofighter Typhoon consortium partners.

€ 375m+ Estimated annual spend in the Wallonia region

€ 130m+ Estimated annual spend in the Flanders region

€ 95m+ Estimated annual spend in the Brussels region

As a truly European product, the Eurofighter Typhoon programme ensures that economic value, key jobs, IPR, skills, technology and knowledge stay in Europe and Belgium. Together, BAE Systems, Airbus and Leonardo will provide opportunities for Belgian industry across multiple technology sectors including, but not limited to:
  • Advanced Materials 
  • Avionic Displays & Software
  • Simulator Visuals & Synthetic Training
  • Avionic Systems Intergration
  • Cyber Security Capability
Click this link to read more about anaylsis by Oxford Economics and how our proposal is seeking to generate economic growth and jobs for Belgium:

200+ Companies

A selection of the 200+ companies already supported by the Eurofighter Typhoon consortium partner companies include: Sabena, Sabca, Sonaca, Techspace Aero, Thales Belgium, Esterline, Asco Industries, Laird NV, Amcor Flexibles Gent, Aerotecs NV, BelAirbus, FN Herstal, Spacebel SA, Nancyl SA.
Eurofighter Typhoon
Across Europe, the Eurofighter programme has created 100,000 highly skilled jobs across 400 companies and technology and IPR has been shared across borders and freely accessed by all those involved.
It is this proven approach to collaboration in research, design, development and manufacturing which exists within the Eurofighter Industrial Consortium and from which Belgian industry could benefit by becoming a fully-fledged partner. 
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