The European Solution for Security and Prosperity in Belgium
Eurofighter Typhoon: the true European solution for the Heart of Europe. Offering a strategic defence, security and industrial partnership with Eurofighter Typhoon partner nations for decades to come.
The four European Partners support Eurofighter Typhoon for Belgium
Eurofighter Typhoon is the largest defence collaboration programme in Europe. Designed in Europe, manufactured in Europe and assembled in Europe, Eurofighter will be the prevalent multi-role combat aircraft in Europe and central to European NATO airpower for decades to come. Its unmatched air-to-air superiority and combat-proven air-to-surface capabilities have been selected by eight nations, with more than 500 aircraft now deployed across Europe.

With the full support of the  European partner nations of Germany, Italy and Spain, the UK Government and BAE Systems are leading the Eurofighter Typhoon proposal on behalf of our partners.

Offering a complete European solution of outstanding military capability, the lowest through-life cost, full interoperability with European and NATO partners and economic and industrial benefits to Belgium, Eurofighter Typhoon meets all of Belgium's current and future defence and security needs.
Eurofighter Typhoon

The European Solution

Representing the largest European defence collaboration, more than 70% of each Belgian Eurofighter Typhoon will be designed and manufactured in continental Europe.
The Eurofighter collaboration already supports more than 400 high technology companies and 100,000 jobs across the continent, including some 200 companies and approximately 7,000 jobs in Belgium, delivering in excess of €600m to the country’s economy every year.
Every Euro Belgium invests in Eurofighter would stay within the European economy, supporting high value, high technology jobs
Eurofighter Typhoon

Real Economic Benefit

The Eurofighter partner companies of Airbus, Leonardo and BAE Systems will build on their already substantial involvement with Belgian industry.
Investment in research and development of new manufacturing technologies are designed to sustain and strengthen Belgium’s defence and aerospace industry, creating the platform for Belgium to play an important role in any next generation combat aircraft programme in Europe.
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A Unique Partnership with the Royal Air Force

Our Eurofighter proposal offers a unique and enduring partnership between the Belgian Air Component (BAC) and Royal Air Force (RAF), building on more than 70 years of historical ties.
This partnership will include full integration with RAF’s world leading fast jet combat aircraft support solution, guaranteeing Belgium the most cost effective solution through life; as well as joint training and co-operation on operations globally
An engineer works on Typhoon

The Cost-Effective Solution

World leading innovations in UK fast jet combat aircraft support in close partnership with industry ensure that Eurofighter enjoys  the lowest cost per flying of any next generation fighter in its class. 
Our proposal to Belgium is designed to minimise capital expenditure in the early years through integration with  the Royal Air Force's existing support infrastructure, spares pool and support services, guaranteeing Belgium a low-risk programme solution and offering proven mission effectiveness, reliability and interoperability