Ship Air Defence Model (SADM)

What we do
BAE Systems Australia is leading the world with the state-of-the-art Ship Air Defence Model (SADM), a unique sovereign capability which allows advanced modelling and simulation for above-water warfare analysis and training.
Developed originally to support the design and modelling of Nulka-missile engagements (BAE Systems’ most successful project to date), the SADM has grown into a versatile operational analysis tool that simulates both task group and single ship operations against multiple aircraft and missile threats.
The SADM simulates own-ship and task group protection using guns, missiles, active decoys, chaff and jammers, and includes detailed models of shipboard sensors and their interactions with ship combat systems. It also includes weather effects to model signal propagation and signature attenuation in rain and other conditions.
Ship Air Defence Model    
BAE Systems Australia began developing the model in 1998, building on work from the Defence, Science and Technology Group, which is now vital technology for the “Five Eyes” of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, as well as many other allied countries around the world.
20 years after development of the model began, the SADM user group meeting in early 2019 saw 41 people from over 10 countries gather in Australia to share their experiences using the model and to explore SADM Version 7, which represents an exciting upgrade for BAE Systems.
The upgrade will allow greater flexibility and scalability while enhancing the missile decoy’s effectiveness – ensuring it continues to protect Australian and allied fleets well into the future. BAE Systems Australia is proud to continue delivering innovative solutions to the defence leaders of the world.