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Red Ochre LABS is a hub for collaboration with industry, Defence and academia, bringing together our most talented engineers across Australia to pioneer advanced technology and future-altering solutions.


At the heart of Red Ochre LABS are Australian world leading air, land and sea and cyber technologies focused on autonomous systems, hypersonics, space, High Frequency Systems, prognostic health management, electronic warfare and Anti-Submarine Warfare capabilities through the Hunter Class Frigate program.
The centralisation of Research & Development at BAE Systems through Red Ochre LABS has increased R&D spend fivefold in the last three years.
Australian Defence Magazine features the Red Ochre Labs technologists and advanced defence technology in their latest edition. 

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The story behind Red Ochre LABS

For more than 65 years, BAE Systems’ Australian technologists have been responsible for some of the most cutting-edge defence systems in the world. 
Red Ochre LABS acknowledges the rich legacy of past achievements, celebrates the progress of today and provides tailwinds for future research and development opportunities. 
Red Ochre Labs pays homage to Australia’s unique landscape as well as acknowledging Red Ochre’s use in technology development. Red Ochre pigment was used in some of the earliest forms of communication and continues to be used as a raw material in many manufacturing and innovation processes. 
The Red Ochre LABS identity unites our technical experts who work across different states, sites and projects, but collectively are deeply committed to delivering world-leading strategic technology advancement.
Engineers view the Hunter class frigate

Our technology

  • M113 autonomous upgrade

    Advancing autonomy in Australia

    For more than 30 years, BAE Systems Australia has been at the forefront of world-leading autonomous systems and solution development.
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  • JORN array from above.


    The Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) is a network of three remote over-the-horizon radar (OTHR) located in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. 
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  • Hunter class frigate

    Hunter Class Frigate Program

    BAE Systems Australia’s subsidiary ASC Shipbuilding is responsible for the design and delivery of nine Hunter class frigates for the Royal Australian Navy.
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  • Nulka

    Nulka Active Missile Decoy

    Currently deployed on over 150 Australian and US warships, Nulka is a rocket-propelled, expendable, offboard, active decoy designed to ‘seduce’ modern anti-ship missiles away from their targets. 
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  • Mantlet


    Mantlet™ is an advanced miniature digital Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system providing Radio Frequency (RF) situational awareness to enable rapid decision-making.
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  • Ship Air Defence Model


    State-of-the-art SADM is a unique sovereign capability which allows advanced modelling and simulation for above-water warfare analysis and training.
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