Red Ochre LABS is a hub for collaboration with industry, defence and academia.
We bring together our most talented engineers across Australia to pioneer advanced technology and future-altering solutions.
At the heart of Red Ochre LABS are Australian world-leading air, land and sea and cyber technologies. These are focused on autonomous systems, hypersonics, space, high frequency systems, prognostic health management, electronic warfare and anti-submarine warfare capabilities through the Hunter Class Frigate program.
The centralisation of research and development at BAE Systems through Red Ochre LABS has increased R&D spend fivefold in the last three years. Through Red Ochre LABS, BAE Systems will invest $150 million over the next five years in this area.
Team Sabre Hunter Wolf Land 125 Phase 4

The story behind Red Ochre LABS

For nearly 70 years, Australian technologists at BAE Systems have been responsible for some of the world’s most cutting-edge defence systems.
Red Ochre LABS acknowledges the rich legacy of past achievements, celebrates the progress of today and provides tailwinds for future research and development opportunities.
Red Ochre Labs pays homage to Australia’s unique landscape as well as acknowledging red ochre’s use in technology development. Red ochre pigment was used in some of the earliest forms of communication and continues to be used as a raw material in many manufacturing and innovation processes.
The Red Ochre LABS identity unites our technical experts who work across different states, sites and projects – but collectively are deeply committed to delivering world-leading strategic technology advancement.
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 — Australian Defence Magazine