Nulka missile decoys

What we do
With over $1 billion sold to Allies across the world in the past decade, Nulka is both BAE Systems Australia and the country’s most successful defence export.
Nulka, the aboriginal meaning for ‘be quick’, is BAE Systems Australia’s most successful export product to date. Currently deployed on over 150 Australian and US warships, Nulka is a rocket-propelled, expendable, offboard, active decoy designed to ‘seduce’ modern anti-ship missiles away from their targets. It has a unique, advanced design in that it hovers in mid-air while luring the incoming anti-ship missile. The hovering rocket concept was initiated in Australia by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), and the system was designed, developed and then manufactured by BAE Systems Australia.
Nulka active missile decoy video

BAE Systems’ core capabilities

BAE Systems Australia is responsible for the design, development and integration of the Nulka system. With the success of the Nulka, BAE Systems Australia has recently welcomed the $200 million-dollar Nulka upgrade. The Nulka upgrade is a 20-year program will include a new launch system and supporting technology to enhance the missile decoy’s effectiveness and will ensure that it continues protecting Australian and allied fleets well into the future. The Nulka system is fitted to the RAN’s FFG, ANZAC and Hobart class ships, and the LHDs and Hunter class will also be equipped in the future.

What we do


Platform sustainment

Nulka is Australia’s largest regular defence export program and pre-planned product improvement activities are ongoing to enhance the performance of the system. The Nulka Upgrade will support product sustainment for the next two decades.
BAE Systems engineer holding part of the Nulka decoy missile, South Australia

Technology training

To ensure the Nulka is consistently accurate and effective, advanced technology training has been provided to the Royal Australian Navy by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and BAE Systems Australia since the project began. Ongoing training is essential as new technologies are evolving, to ensure all personnel and sectors are constantly up-to-date with Nulka’s advanced technology requirements.

Operational training

BAE Systems Australia undergoes an extensive amount of operational training and testing for Nulka. We manufacture the flight control hardware at our manufacturing facility in Edinburgh Parks (SA), and assemble and test the completed Nulka Round at the Nulka Round Assembly Facility in Mulwala (NSW).
Maintenance Training

Future technologies

Under the Nulka upgrade, BAE Systems Australia will continue to work with leading scientists and engineers from the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), to enhance the Nulka’s effectiveness, and to develop new technologies throughout the 20-year program. This will allow the missile decoy to stay up-to-date with advanced industry technologies, whilst remaining the most successful defence export, relied upon by all allies.
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