Mantlet™ is an advanced miniature digital electronic support measures system providing radio frequency situational awareness to enable rapid decision-making.
Part of a project which was granted by the Australian Government in 2013 and now heavily relied upon by the Australian Defence Force, Mantlet™ detects, identifies and categorises complex emitters, whilst recording data for further analysis. This data can give the foundation of a true sovereign electronic intelligence capability, enabling users to take control of their own electronic warfare databases and threat libraries, whilst providing the capability to create and tailor library files for sovereign needs.
The Mantlet’s™ specific size, weight and power enables it to be easily integrated onto unmanned aerial vehicles, land vehicles, helicopters, fast jets, transport aircraft and maritime platforms.

Core capabilities

We have designed and created a true ‘force-multiplier’ for the Australian Defence Force. The Mantlet™ system addresses the requirements for both communications and radar electronic support measures platforms, reducing cost, increasing commonality and providing greater operational flexibility. Mantlet™ passively detects, identifies and characterises emitters at better than 1.5°rms and provides an unparalleled geo-location capability from a single platform.

Future technologies 

We are a world-leader in electronic warfare technology capability that has accessible paths to market. These capabilities ensure a sustainable future for this segment of the Australian business - made possible because of the intellect, ingenuity and experience of a team of dedicated BAE Systems engineers.