BAE Systems develops leading IT solutions that reduce organisational risk by protecting valuable corporate information and detecting and defeating cyber threats.
We secure networks containing some of the world's most confidential and sensitive information.
We provide a Cross Domain Solution (CDS) – an information security system that provides tailored security enforcing functions to mitigate the risks of accessing or transferring information across networks.
Increased susceptibility to cyberattack can occur when the sharing of information stretches beyond traditional – and even national – boundaries. Our product suite covers the full range of hardware and software technology required to implement a CDS for secure data transfer and collaboration between network domains with different security policies.

Enabling data sharing and preventing cyberattacks

Our products and expertise help you to anticipate future threats and reduce network susceptibility to cyberattacks.
Our experienced consultants and engineers work with you to strike the right balance between data protection and sharing.
From selecting the appropriate application; to designing the most effective user experience; and applying advanced data processing and analytics; we keep the focus where it should be – on your cyber security needs.
Our information assurance services cover multi-level security, cross domain solutions and gateway infrastructures, and include:
  • Security risk assessments
  • Certification
  • Designing and building network segmentation and segregation systems
  • Cross domain solution planning, design and implementation
  • Product support

Delivering maximum data protection for customers worldwide

In an increasingly fast-paced and digitally connected world, customers from many industries and countries rely on our Interactive Link technology and information assurance services.
Our global commercial customers include companies from the telecommunications and critical infrastructure sectors. We also work with defence, government departments, intelligence services, law enforcement, and regulatory and administrative agencies.
Our customers are serviced by our sales and support resellers located in North America, United Kingdom and Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

Interactive Link (iLink) technology

Data Diode is a networking device that uses fibre optics to enforce a unidirectional flow of data, guaranteeing that no data from the destination network can leak onto the source network.
Datagate Orchestrator (DO) is a software platform that reduces the security risk of data passing into and out of a network. It provides a risk-based decision making framework for managing the routing, inspecting and filtering of data, according to a configured set of rules.
The CDS Hardware Platform is a certified server specification provided by BAE Systems to ensure optimal compatibility with the Data Diode and CDS software suite.

Data Pump Applications (DPAs) are a suite of software components facilitating the secure one-way transfer of data across the Data Diode, while maximising the performance and reliability of the system.
The Datagate Certified Datapump (DCD) is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System that has been security hardened in accordance with the most stringent security controls from several national security agencies. It has been tuned to provide optimal operating system performance for the DPA, DO and HAL software components.
The High Availability Library (HAL) is software that improves the availability of a CDS and its resilience to failure through an active-passive CDS cluster configuration.

iLink product details

Controlled information sharing between networks to safeguard sensitive data from cyber threats.

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