The Australian Defence Force relies on the defence industry to provide a capability edge – including the ability to identify unknown objects which is absolutely critical for safety and mission execution.
We lead battlespace management projects including the maintenance of defence radar networks and the establishment of sovereign weapons capabilities and world-leading electronic warfare technologies.

Radar networks

Our biggest contribution to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance has been the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN). JORN is a state-of-the-art defence network made up of three remote radars which provide wide area surveillance and play a vital role in supporting the Australian Defence Force’s air and maritime operations, border protection, disaster relief and rescue operations.

Guided weapons and explosive ordnance

BAE Systems has the know-how to establish a complete and enabled Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance Enterprise in Australia. We have 20 years of guided weapons experience from our sovereign manufacturing involvement in NULKA and the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile program.

Our Australian operations already have established sovereign weapons capabilities with significant experience in all facets of the enterprise. This includes genuine intellectual properly and technical data transfer from US ITAR restricted missiles.
We also leverage opportunities for Australian industry in our established supply chain, as well as further collaboration with academia and industry.

Electronic warfare

Electronic warfare involves exploiting the electromagnetic environment to disrupt and impede adversaries. Measures such as jammers and decoys are a vital part of both defensive and offensive weapons on land, sea and air platforms.
To combat this invisible battlespace, we have developed the Mantlet Electronic Support Measure sensor that provides the ability to detect and identify nearly all radio frequency emitters, including radio, TV, mobiles, Wi-Fi, radars and missiles.