By putting Asset Management at the forefront, BAE Systems Australia empowers the Australian Defence Force with greater availability and performance across its platforms ensuring the assets are ready when and where they are needed.


Our commitment is underlined by a recognition that Asset Management is, at its core, the implementation of the Stewardship concept – where we treat our customer’s assets as we would treat our own.


What is Asset Management?


Asset Management is a systematic management approach delivering both assurance of capability and value to the enterprise through the optimisation of cost, performance and risk.

We have been investing in our Asset Management offering, developing a strategic approach. How we approach risks, optimise life cycle costs and achieve and measure performance goals is driven by Customer objectives.
Fundamentally, Asset Management allows assets to realise their required capability by:
  • Aligning Program objectives to Asset Management objectives and ensuring they drive service delivery
  • Ensuring all stakeholders understand and execute against their responsibilities using a robust approach
  • Providing the correct tools and training that empower stakeholder collaboration
  • Monitoring success against objectives, enabled by the right data provided at the right time
  • Making timely decisions to meet objectives and in response to evolving requirements, risks and opportunities.
Applying an Asset Management approach means creating a line of sight connection between the customers objectives and what we do on a day-to-day basis. In practice, it is the coordination of activities with an understanding of how each decision and action impacts on the work of others in balancing performance, risk and cost. Andrew, Asset Management Lead, BAE Systems Australia
JORN radars in the Australian outback  

Our commitment to continuous improvement

Asset Management is supported by a core lead team, which brings together a community of practice from across our business. Our structure allows key learnings and improvements to be shared across the wide breadth of projects we support.

BAE Systems Australia has built a framework that is rigorous, robust and repeatable across programs and functions. In 2020, our corporate level Asset Management system and application to the Hawk Lead-In Fighter programs was recognised with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 55001 certification.

In 2021 this was extended to JORN and we continue to work with our customer’s to maintain and extend this acknowledgement of increasing Asset Management maturity across all of our programs. The certification process is proven to drive collaborative behaviour from all stakeholders in order to achieve Asset Management objectives, while demonstrating a commitment to continual improvement.