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  • CareerTrackers Leadership Development Institute

    CareerTrackers Leadership Development Institute

    If we could achieve balance and diversity, companies would perform better, driving more opportunities for economic growth in this country. And that means more jobs and more opportunities for our talented future leaders.
    29 Jan 2020
  • BAE Systems stand at Pacific 2019

    Beyond acquisitionLeveraging continuous shipbuilding and data analytics to support RAN adaptability

    What good is a ship if its navy does not have a sustainable, innovative and enduring defence industry supporting it through the entire ship life cycle.
    8 Oct 2019
  • Gabby Costigan speaking at Pacific 2019 - Sea Power and the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Sea Powerand the 4th Industrial Revolution

    In my view one of the most important inputs is having the right people with the right skills in place at the right time.
    8 Oct 2019
  • Gabby Costigan speaking at UK Chamber of Commerce

    Australia's maritime pipeline & supply chain

    Reflecting the commitment of the past, and the challenges the region faces today, helps define Australia’s focus on the future.
    10 Sep 2019
  • Brad Yelland, BAE Systems Australia

    Defence Materials Technology Centre Conference keynote speech

    The recent and planned Government investment in modernising the Australian Defence Force is pretty significant. I don’t think anyone in this room would deny that.
    3 Apr 2019
  • Director Aerospace, BAE Systems Australia

    Steve Drury talking at the LIFCAP event

    Hawk Lead In Fighter Capability Assurance Program completion
    7 Mar 2019
  • At The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT 2019), in the UK, BAE Systems signed a document: ‘Commanders Intent – Joint UK and Australian Hawk Solution Development’.

    International Commanders Intent for Hawk

    Commanders Intent – Joint UK and Australian Hawk Solution Development
    7 Mar 2019
  • Hunter Class Frigate Program Managing Director, Nigel Stewart

    Nigel Stewart at the ADM Congress

    Continuous Naval Shipbuilding: prosperity from a sovereign industry
    13 Feb 2019
  • The changing nature of global defence and security

    The changing nature of global defence and security

    Looking back there is no doubt that the Australian Defence Force has made enormous sacrifices for this country, and has demonstrated time and again that it takes a truly collaborative effort between all our armed forces – and our defence industries – to protect us all in the face of hostility.
    27 Nov 2018
  • Image of Gabby Costigan

    Defence industries: unlocking global markets

    The total value of Defence exports over the next decade is expected to be more than $500 million.
    19 Oct 2018
  • Image of Gabby Costigan

    Workforce ready

    What a perfect opportunity it is to be discussing workforce capability. I have to say I am very excited about the prospects for the Defence Industry and for South Australia!
    15 Aug 2018
  • Gabby speaking at SEA 5000 announcement

    Gabby Costigan at SEA 5000 announcement

    This is an exciting day for both Australia and BAE Systems Australia.
    29 Jun 2018
  • Gabby Costigan at the CEDA SA Defence Industry overview

    Gabby Costigan at the CEDA SA Defence Industry overview

    Being workforce ready, focusing on workforce capability
    15 May 2018
  • Image of Gabby Costigan Chief Executive Officer, BAE Systems Australia

    Gabby Costigan at the ADM Congress

    Technological Innovation: collaborating to strengthen our nation.
    14 Feb 2018
  • Sir Roger Carr

    Business, media and society

    The subject of my talk this morning is the link that exists between business – government – media – and society – and the challenges of trust – technology change and geopolitical turmoil that are effecting us all – wherever we live.
    21 Nov 2017