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BAE Systems has been a collaborative leader and contributor to the maritime domain for decades, delivering capable and available maritime assets for the Royal Australian Navy across a range of alliance and partnership constructs.


Our end-to-end capability spans six classes of vessels with support extending to 22 out of 46 Royal Australian naval assets including Hobart Class (DDG), Adelaide Class (FFG), Anzac Class (FFH), Canberra Class (LHD), Leeuwin Class (Hydrographic Fleet Vessels) and Collins Class submarines.

Working side-by-side with the Commonwealth, industry, trusted suppliers and academia, we are committed to advancing Australia’s security and economic interests by offering a world-leading maritime capability that leverages cutting edge technologies and complex engineering-expertise to optimise a 21st century fleet.


 Operating across five Australian sites and supported by an extensive network of over 1600 sovereign suppliers with a deep naval heritage, we are well positioned to deliver through-life capability for the next generation Royal Australian Navy leveraging unparalleled digital and industry 4.0 expertise.


This includes the design and build of nine Hunter class frigates as well as the upgrade and sustainment of the ANZAC-class, Hobart-class and Leeuwin-class vessels.


We are uniquely positioned to support the Commonwealth’s future maritime sustainment model and the transformation objectives outlined in Plan Galileo. In particular, we are focused on delivering continuous naval shipbuilding and sustainment capabilities and integrating smarter thinking at the design phase to ensure every platform is truly optimised throughout the life cycle.

Sovereign suppliers

Delivering seaworthy ships on time, every time

Developing our digital naval future

Integrated Asset Management System (IAMS) is our new technology that integrates how we bring together people, processes, data and technology within a maintenance delivery enterprise. IAMS provides a connected working environment where the Commonwealth, industry and Enterprise partners can operate and collaborate to more effectively manage and deliver external maintenance.  


The main aim of IAMS is to provide a best practice, trusted system to support our customer, the Royal Australian Navy to improve its decision making processes and ultimately ensuring maximum availability of its assets at an acceptable level of cost and risk.


IAMS is currently being introduced into the Hydrographic In-Service Support (HISS) program with a focus on engineering service requests, the management of documents and how we track maintenance tasks. At the same time we are continuing to develop the system for deployment across other platforms. IAMS will aggregate and provide real-time connections with existing data sources, will connect our supply chain and provide staff and sub-contractors with access to the latest information right at the user’s fingertips.


Integrated Asset Management System

Partnering to succeed

BAE Systems is proud to work side-by-side with the Commonwealth, industry, trusted suppliers and academia to advance and safeguard Australia’s security and economic interests by offering a world-leading maritime capability that leverages cutting edge digital technologies and complex engineering-expertise designed to deliver a 21st century fleet. 

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