As an Australian defence industry leader, it is our goal to nurture and inspire the next generation of local engineers, technologists and innovators.

Considering a future in STEM?

Boost your career trajectory by undertaking a formal work experience or internship program with BAE Systems Australia. We offer opportunities for high school and university students to spend time immersed in our business and involved in hands-on STEM-related activities.
Thinking about a future in STEM? BAE Systems could give your career a jump-start.

Work experience and internships

High school work experience - Year 10

We offer unpaid work experience for Year 10 school students both in-person and online.  Students work in teams on a project to develop, operate and maintain a virtual amusement park. 
Under guidance from engineering and project management teams, the students work through a number of training modules including digital design, 3D printing, workplace safety and electronics construction. 
This program provides students with experience in coordinating a project and showcases what STEM skills are needed to create a roller-coaster for a hypothetical business unit.  
We offer two pathways to participate: Face-to-face over 4-5 days; or via online over 3 days. Both program styles are available at various sites and times throughout the year.

Summer University Internship Program

BAE Systems offers a paid 12-week summer internship program for engineering, ICT and project management university students heading into their final year of studies. 
Key features of our program include: structured learning goals and performance evaluation, end of internship presentation, networking and collaboration with other interns and graduates and early consideration for graduate opportunities.   
Applications open in August with placements commencing in November at various locations across Australia.

Career Trackers
First Nations University Internships

BAE Systems has teamed up with not-for-profit organisation Career Trackers to provide internships for ten First Nations university students each year. 
The program provides opportunities for emerging mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineers and system, software and hardware engineers. 
Internships are available as winter and summer placements and are based in Melbourne or Adelaide.