Chief Technology Officer

Brad Yelland

Brad Yelland, BAE Systems Australia
Brad is the Chief Technology Officer
Brad graduated from the RMIT with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He secured a graduate position at the Government Aircraft Factories in the Guided Weapons Design and Development Group, as an aerodynamicist and flight control engineer where he took the lead on the introduction of a real-time digital flight simulation capability.
Brad joined BAE Systems (AWADI) in 1988 as part of the original design team for the Nulka Hovering Rocket – an Autonomous Hovering Rocket, Anti-Ship Missile Decoy System – which has been standard fit to all Australian and US Navy Surface Combatants for the last 20+ years.
In 1995 Brad became Engineering Manager for the Guided Weapons group of BAE Systems Australia, included a lead role on the development of the NATO Evolved SeaSparrow Missile. During this period Brad leveraged the company’s missile guidance and control technology to establish an Autonomous Systems Technologies group in Melbourne, and participated in a number of Autonomous Systems research programmes in collaboration with the University of Sydney and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).
Brad was posted to Rochester (UK) in 2001 to establish a UAV Technology Development capability within the UK business. He returned to Australia in a management role that led to becoming General Manager for the BAE Systems Australia Aircraft Systems Integration and Development Business responsible for Programs such as the AP-3C Sustainment and upgrade, FA-18 Mission Systems development and collaboration with BAE Systems UK in the development of a number of UAV Systems, culminating in the Taranis Stealth Combat UAS demonstrator for the UK MoD.
Brad returned to the UK in 2013 to take up a 2 year posting to Head Office in the role of Head of Systems Engineering and was soon promoted to the Global Head of Engineering for BAE Systems.
At completion of the 2 year posting, Brad returned to Australia to take the role of Head of Strategy for BAE Systems Australia. In July of 2017 Brad became the Director of Engineering and in 2019 he was appointed as Chief Technology Officer for BAE Systems Australia.
Brad is a CPEng, Eng Exec and a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia.