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Through the Strategic Reform Program (SRP), the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is striving for enhanced capability at a reduced cost.

The Hawk Lead-In Fighter Program and the F/A-18 Hornet Modification and Maintenance Support Contract were two long-term aircraft maintenance contracts facing that challenge.



To address this challenge, and as part of our commitment to total performance, our Company began a journey in 2009 to introduce Lean processes on the Hawk Lead-In Fighter Program, the F/A-18 Hornet Modification and Maintenance Support Contract and other long-term ADF aircraft maintenance contracts.

Lean is all about eliminating waste from business processes to deliver a value-adding, high quality service. It also aims to achieve a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

Through a rigorous workforce engagement process, and in cooperation with our customer, Lean strategies have been implemented across all areas of aircraft maintenance, engineering, logistics and supply chain management.

These strategies enable us to hone and refine our methods through phase-based servicing, consultation, workforce engagement and constant improvement, using integrated monitoring, review and evaluation of our maintenance processes at every step.



Deploying Lean has delivered significant efficiency savings to the ADF across the Hawk Lead-In Fighter Program and the F/A-18 Hornet Modification and Maintenance Support Contract.

We have delivered enhanced capability and continually improved aircraft availability at a reduced cost without compromising on airworthiness and safety.

We have achieved a:

  • 10 per cent-plus cost reduction on Hawk Lead In Fighter Program
  • 7 per cent cost reduction on Hornet deeper maintenance

These outcomes have contributed greatly to the Commonwealth’s SRP. The Air Force has commended us for our endeavours and achievements in delivering efficiency-based cost savings.

Lean strategies, and a focus on continuous improvement, are now well entrenched within our business. Our customers continue to benefit from our ongoing commitment to reducing costs and increasing value.

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